Books books books…

There are so many wonderful books that help with writing and poetry therapy. I have these 2 on order and looking forward to receiving them…

I just bought: ‘The Poem and the Journey: 60 poems for the journey of life’ by Ruth Padel Ruth Padel is an award-winning poet who has also become renowned as a guide to reading poetry. Here, she uses poems by some of our finest poets to look at the idea of the journey, through literature and through life. In an increasingly unstable world, she argues, we need poetry to help us to see afresh and understand the journeys of our lives.

I just bought: ‘Writing Personal Poetry’ by Sheila Bender This book was published 1999 but I’ve only just come across it (it was mentioned on the International Association for Journal Writing website). I’ve bought it very reasonably (less than £5) and hopefully it has lots of writing ideas inside.


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Interested in therapeutic writing.
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2 Responses to Books books books…

  1. Kate Thompson says:

    Yes, isn’t it hard to resist? I just picked up ‘Writing the life poetic’ by Sage Cohen in a local used bookstore – those places are where temptation really hits.

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