Reflection on recent writing groups

I like it when someone who comes to one of my groups surprises me or themselves or both of us by how much they enjoy the writing. It happened with a woman last week and a man this week. Last week the woman was unsure about coming to the group and was persuaded to come along by one of the nurses I think but after a few minutes she seemed to relax and start to enjoy it. The session turned out to be a 1:1 and she stayed for the whole hour. I’ve given her a hardback notebook because she is quite keen to carry on writing outside the session. This week there were 2 men in the same group (the woman had been transferred or discharged). One of them has written in the past and would like to do some more writing. The other man doesn’t really write and he was surprised that he enjoyed the writing in the session. So surprised that when the session was over he told a member of staff how much he’d enjoyed it. We had started the session with Freewriting using word prompts and the word he really responded to was Sea. I followed that exercise with some postcards of Scotland that I had in my bag – this wasn’t what I’d planned but I knew some of the postcards had the sea in them so I thought he would enjoy them. By this point the session had changed to a 1:1 because the other man had to leave for an appointment.

I don’t know whether any of these patients will carry on with writing, but I do hope they will.



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One Response to Reflection on recent writing groups

  1. You just never know what seeds have been sown in these type of sessions and what benefits could emerge in the future!

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