Summer break

Hi everyone

I’m taking a break from my writing groups for a few weeks (school hols) and recharging my creative batteries. I did this last year and found that the break enabled me to step back and look at what’s gone well in my groups and what areas I could improve. And of course the break allows me to spend more time on important things such as being with my family, and doing some creative writing that I actually finish (when I am in my writing groups I start a lot of pieces of writing but very rarely go on to finish a whole story or poem and edit and polish it).

Taking a break also gives me chance to do more reading and I’ve just borrowed a great book through my local NHS library. Here’s a link to it on Amazon: I’ve borrowed the book because I plan to start a case study soon with a service user who has participated in my writing groups 18 times so far. She has agreed to take part in the case study – although neither of us really know what will be involved as yet! My aim in doing the case study is to look at why and how writing, and participating in my groups, helps her. I hope to then to submit the case study to an academic journal for possible publication. I’m at an early stage of planning at the moment – reading the book, thinking about the questions I want to answer in the case study, and emailing our R&D Professor to ask about ethical approval.

I hope you’re having a good summer.

Regards, Carol.


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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