Words for Wellbeing book update

150 copies of the Words for Wellbeing book have sold in the first 2 months of publication. These copies all sold in the UK, but I know that 2 copies have been sent to the USA and 1 to Australia. Copies have also been provided free-of-charge to all public and secondary school libraries in Cumbria and to the clinical teams in the NHS trust for which I work. Contributors of course have also received free copies, and we have done a few promotional book giveaways in publications and on Twitter. So of the 1500 books printed in July, 800 now remain.

Words for Wellbeing is only available as a printed book, priced at £9.50. Copies can be ordered from the wonderful Poetry Space website: http://www.poetryspace.co.uk/2012/08/words-for-wellbeing-edited-by-carol-ross/ or direct from me (email writing.year@cumbria.nhs.uk for details of how to order from me).

Yesterday I received a well travelled copy of Words for Wellbeing. This is a summary of the journey it had taken: The book started life when it was printed in Kendal. It was delivered to my office near Carlisle, brought home (to my conservatory) in a box with lots of other books, parcelled up and taken back to the post room at work, posted to Gardners book wholesalers in Eastbourne, parcelled up and delivered to an Amazon depot in Dunfermaline, parcelled up again and posted back to me in Cumbria, where it now resides … in my conservatory!

At least now I know that Amazon can supply copies of the book. BUT Amazon can only sell the Words for Wellbeing book in the UK, so if you want to buy a copy for delivery outside the UK you need to order in one of the ways listed above.

I know I have promoted this book a few times already and I know I am biased because it is my ‘baby’ but it really is a lovely book. And by the way, ALL the proceeds that we receive from sales of this book will be put towards a re-print. Everyone who wrote for the book or was involved in the publishing (mainly me) have donated their time because they (we) believe the book will do good. Please spread the word!

Regards, Carol.


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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