Fabric swatches

Spread some fabric squares out – I like to use 9 arranged in a square and spread on a lovely silk scarf. Each participant chooses a fabric to write about. Once approach I use is to suggest that each person thinks about what might item be made of the fabric they’ve chosen, and then who might own the item, and then start to write. Some people need more explanation than others, depending on their writing experience and enthusiasm (and how well they are). Try to explain the exercise in an open flexible way so you don’t lead people to write in a certain way (about someone wearing a garment made of the cloth for example). I find you can bring really specific stimuli like fabric pieces but if you are open and flexible in the way you introduce the writing exercise everyone will write what they feel inspired to write without being led. But you have to be observant so you pick up if someone needs more guidance.


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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