Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

According to Wikipedia the psychology-related technique called NLP  is “largely discredited” but I did an NLP course yesterday and found it really interesting, and I think useful (too soon to tell maybe?).

The 4 pillars of NLP are:
Sensory Acuity

There are also some “pre-suppositions” (that are too long to type on my smart phone).

I plan to read more about NLP but I don’t at the moment think its bad name is entirely deserved. Worth reading about if psychology and human communication is interesting to you.



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9 Responses to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  1. Carol Ross says:

    Update: I feel like I am already using some of what I learned in the NLP course to turn some of my negative thoughts about certain things into positives or at least netural. For example, I usually hate having to fill my car with diesel but when the fuel light came on yesterday I managed to change my negative thoughts to positives by enumerating all the reasons there are for me to feel lucky about filling up with diesel … I can afford to run a car, I am fit and well enough to drive, etc.

  2. Carol Ross says:

    Hi Karen, I’ve had a quick look at NLP websites and I have come to the conclusion that the best idea might be to read a book by one of the original developers, Richard Bandler, rather than take pot luck on websites. However I did find this website that looks to have quite a few free resources and seems, after a quite skim through, as if it may be a reliable source.

    • Mary Ellis says:

      What about John Grinder? He co-founded NLP (now he calls it New NLP) with Bandler. (Grinder and Bandler had a very acrimonious split, which is now resolved.) Now in his 70s, he’s written a book with Carmen Bostic-Silvera called Whispering in the Wind, and he also runs 2-week courses in Crawley. I’m not sure about the book, but my friend went on his course in March, and speaks very highly of it.

  3. I was talking to someone who just went on a course to do this and would like to know the name of a reliable site to look up information about it.

    • Carol Ross says:

      I think they’ll be very variable. If I find a reliable one I’ll let you know.

      • Karen Harvey says:

        Thanks Carol,
        There is so much information misinformation and on the net and in books so I’d reather be pointed in the right direction byu someone who knows a little/someone elso who know about it.


  4. Mary Ellis says:

    Now this is extremely interesting. I have a very good friend who is an NLP practitioner. She is very good, but she doesn’t exclude other tools from her practice. It is only a part of what she offers. She will agree that there are some things that have been discredited, and rightly so, and other elements that don’t have a wide application. A combination of therapies that can be tailored to each client’s needs is what seems to be most effective. If anyone in Bucks wants a good Life Coach, I’ll introduce you!

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