Idea for a poem

Here’s an idea for writing a poem:

Write one of these phrases as the title of your poem – Life is… or  This place is… or Joy is… or Love is… or Trust is… or Laughter is…

Now each line of your poem needs to finish a sentence started by the title, for example: “Life is… a box of chocolates”. Be adventurous.

Once you have enough lines, arrange them suitably, play with the words, edit and polish, and you’re done.

Here as an example is a collaborative poem written by participants in one of my workshops:

Life is…

Life is breathing in and breathing out
an amazing journey
the road to your dreams

Life is so precious
not a rehearsal
full of ups and downs
14 years and out for good behaviour

Life is going out to the pub
the warm glow of a friendly fire
a mixture of emotions

Life is not what I expected
an experiment for the next chapter
the only thing that is truly yours

Life is what life is all about



About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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2 Responses to Idea for a poem

  1. gabrielgill907 says:

    Like these lines … simple and insightful.

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