Reflections on my “Year of Writing” project in an NHS trust – 1

This is an extract from Words for Wellbeing book, follow link for details:

Chapter 14: My Year of Writing

When my son asked me to write stories with him one half-term holiday (February 2005), I said yes darn quick – anything to get a boy writing! But neither of us could have imagined what it would eventually lead to. His story – There’s a Roman in My Garden – was written, typed and illustrated before he went back to school. Mine kept growing, and before long I had 14 chapters of a children’s book. And this after 20 years of doing almost no creative writing! Once I started writing creatively again, I came to realise the power writing has for making you feel better. I continued writing, and also began studying creative and therapeutic writing, counselling and personal development.

Then in September 2009, my employer (Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) launched a competition similar to the BBC’s Dragons’ Den (BBC, 2012). When I saw the competition poster I had an idea for a writing project. I developed a proposal for a ‘Cumbria Partnership Year of Writing’, got shortlisted, pitched to the ‘Dragons’, and won funding to increase my hours for a year to undertake the project (Ross, 2012). The wave of adrenaline then abated, and the sleepless nights, hard work and long hours began! But it was all worth it – the project has touched so many people’s lives, and has changed my life.

More to follow…


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