Small Stone Day 2

Morrocan mares designed by Laurel Burch,
made into a notebook by Paper Blanks,
bought for me by my husband and son.

The notebook is small, lined and beautiful,
with a magnetized flap.
The cover depicts, in metallic relief, five horses,
which are repeated on the back,
and again, with one addition, on the fly leaf.

Their mouths are open as if to speak … or bite.

The first is black with a green eye
and zebra markings etched in gold.

Another is chestnut with zigzag
patterning and a purple eye.

The third is dappled silver with a brown eye
and a mane like flowing mercury.

Next a speckled gold and silver horse
with a black eye.

The fifth is geometrically striped in silver
and gunmetal, with an eye like a ruby.

And, hidden inside the cover, the five are joined
by a sixth mare: a deep chestnut,
decorated with black swirls, and checking me out
with an eye the colour of liquid lead.

(written 2nd January)


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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