Small Stone Day 24

As I cross the surgery car park
my mind is occupied,
planning my explanation
for the locum doctor.
A sound catches
at my consciousness.
In replay I recognise
the repetitive tapping but
cannot trust the memory.
If I heard it again
I could be sure.

My footsteps slow,
my concentration focusses
on sound.
I reach the door,
begin to push, and
there it is again –
drumming –
a great


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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6 Responses to Small Stone Day 24

  1. I feel I have been in a “crossing the car park with mind occupied mode” recently! Catching up on some of your blogs this morning feels a bit like a woodpecker moment. Thanks Carol!

    • Carol Ross says:

      It’s lovely when something beautiful like a wild bird … or a lovely piece of China in our own home … breaks through our pre-occupation and brings us some mindful pleasure.

      I love woodpecker moments. They are easy to recognise even unseen. And there seem to have been a lot of woodpeckers around recently πŸ™‚

  2. raphaelcha says:


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