Small Stone Day 27

Sitting in the conservatory,
too cold in here to linger.
The new pleated blinds are lovely
they make the room look different.
And the rain drumming on the roof
is slowing, slowing and slowing
to a hushed shushing,
with sporadic loud taps.


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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4 Responses to Small Stone Day 27

  1. Emery Snowe says:

    Carol, I tried to leave a comment before, so apologies if this duplicates. I just wanted to say I was delighted to find your thoughtful website here, with some wonderful writing tips and reflections on writing for wellbeing. It struck me that what you are doing chimes with a growing awareness of the power of writing for wellbeing in the UK. The Metanoia Institute now run a course, which you may be aware of, in creative writing for therapeutic purposes (see You are clearly already a seasoned and sensitive practitioner in this area, but I just thought I’d mention it, as it reflects a growing community of like-minded writers.

    • Carol Ross says:

      I am indeed aware of it and if only I lived a bit further south I might consider enrolling. I live at Carlisle near the Scottish border. Thanks for your comment and for your interest in my blog.

  2. Louise Hart says:

    Excellent use of onomatopoeia!

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