Small Stone Day 31

My beautiful Paper Blanks notebook which I wrote about on Day 2 now has a pleasing amount of writing in it and even a couple of sketches.

Looking through it I see that I have noticed many things in my small stones: breakfast brioche, Christmas decorations, beads, birds, skies, wind, snow and even slippers.

There are some themes – nature is one, particularly crows.

But what I notice most looking back through the notebook is that I now have a month of mindful moments to which I can and will return.


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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2 Responses to Small Stone Day 31

  1. annaking969 says:

    After you talked about the Small Stones I dipped my toe in the water, now it has become a compulsion to write a few words before breakfast. It opens up the day with thoughts the way a glass of fruit juice wakens the taste buds. Thank you Carol.

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