Living with OCD

This a wonderfully clear, open and honest account of what it us like to live with OCD.

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Before you read this story, please bare in mind that this is a true story, it is my personal experience of OCD and I believe that as a “therapist” I have a duty to be honest about this and to work towards tackling the social stigma that mental health problems make you weak, weird, inadequate and less of a human being than most. I am of the opinion that EVERYBODY at some point in their lives will experience some degree of mental distress, and it is our duty as a population of caring individuals to be honest, supportive and compassionate towards each other and do all we can to assist in the recovery of others. Let’s break that barrier, that stigma, stand tall and be proud of who we are, and work towards a shift in attitude towards mental health.

Some may laugh at some of the things I am…

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