Cumbrian Commute – 5

I struggle to concentrate
on driving this morning
I am enraptured,
captured by the glory
of a scarlet sky.

A sailor’s warning they say.

A textured blanket of cloud
lit by reds and gold
gradually fading out
to shades of grey and pink,
and baby blue.

How can such beauty
be a harbinger
of anything bad?

[written 31/12/2012]


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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2 Responses to Cumbrian Commute – 5

  1. billyboobs1 says:

    Your poetry is very rhythmic; I like that! When I write, I tend to hear the words in my head, almost, like a song. This, also, applies to my prose. The second time I read your poem, I did so aloud. This heightened its power.

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