Therapeutic Writing – Creating Fictional Characters

Can it be therapeutic to create a fictional character and write about them? I think it can, and I give some ideas for doing that in this sheet.

Feel free to print off multiple copies of the sheet provided that you don’t amend it in any way.

Best regards, Carol.

Fictional Characters


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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4 Responses to Therapeutic Writing – Creating Fictional Characters

  1. Andrea says:

    Thank you Carol. I look forward to reading your post!

  2. Carol Ross says:

    Thank you for leaving a comment Andrea and welcome to my blog. I will answer your question in the form of a blog post – I hope that’s ok. Best regards, Carol.

  3. Andrea Wakefield says:

    Hello Carol, I came across this blog whilst searching for information about mental health resources, in particular depressive illness. I have suffered from chronic depression all of my adult life and am currently, in my early 50s, experiencing my second acute depressive episode in as many years. I wanted to ask your feelings about undertaking therapeutic writing alone (rather than in a group) given that this may throw up especially painful feelings or may even unlock past trauma?

    Many thanks, Andrea

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