The soundtrack of your life

Great ideas for writing based on the soundtrack of your life.


I came across a quote from W H Auden. I can’t tell you where he said it because I found it by accident on one of those ‘thought for the day’ type sites that have a purple background and lists of quotations from many sources. Those sites tend not to give full citations. That is my excuse.

The quote said: ‘Music is the best means we have of digesting time.’

By ‘digesting’, I wonder if he meant ‘passing’, or ‘understanding’. It seems to me that memory has a hand in it. I use memory often in triggers for writing, with bereavement writing groups and others that are more general and mainstream. In the case of bereavement, the emotive power of music and our response to it, can be complex. I often hear people talk about the music they have loved, listened too, sung along to or played, but it is…

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