The benefit of hindsight

This is a great writing idea from the joined up writers blog.


When we look back on an event, the prism of memory can offer a fresh and surprising perspective on something we thought we understood well. Time’s distance gives insight; we know things now that we did not know then. We understand people and the meaning of events differently.

When you set out to write a story, how you do decide where to start? ‘To begin at the beginning’ (thanks, Dylan Thomas) isn’t necessarily a straightforward proposition. Which beginning? Whose beginning? Who will tell the story to best effect and what do they know that others do not?

Try this. Take a first line such as ‘She stepped out into the rain,’ or ‘He had been waiting for over an hour’. Set the stop watch and write freely from this trigger for ten minutes. Allow yourself to go wherever the first line leads you; no censoring or crossings out, just write.

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