Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano is on BBC4 right now. It’s a documentary I’ve seen before so I’m enjoying it for a second time.

He’s not rated highly by the critics but I don’t care – I love his work. And he’s apparently the most popular artist working in the UK.

Have you tried using a painting as inspiration for a poem or story? I’ve written a few poems inspired by paintings, including Jack Vettriano’s Elegy for the Dead Admiral.

If you want to see an image of the painting click here.

There are plenty of paintings reproduced on the internet. Choose one that seems to tell a story. Start with some freewriting. Then read what you’ve written and see if there are ideas in there for a poem or story.

Go on … have a go!


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Interested in therapeutic writing.
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2 Responses to Jack Vettriano

  1. LESLEY says:

    Hi Carol,
    Same here, Vettriano not rated by the critics but I love his work also. Some time ago, our creative writing tutor gave us each a painting to choose from of his – and to get a story from it. Can’t remember my story – but it also gave me the added bonus of when I see any photos in magazines etc., – I have produced stories from them. I am wanting to get more into writing for therapy so it was great to come across your link to your website via Lapidus. I know I have benefitted myself from creative and journal writing.
    Best Regards, Lesley

    • Carol Ross says:

      Thanks Lesley, he has masses of fans.

      I was blown away today by the Jack Vettriano Retrospective at the Kelvingrove in Glasgow .. simply wonderful. Last day of exhibition is tomorrow 23rd Feb. I’m so glad I made it.

      Thanks for commenting, Carol.

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