Sane New World

I am just starting to read Sane New World by Ruby Wax and have high hopes that reading it will be helpful for the continuing development of my therapeutic writing practice. Ruby Wax has a masters degree in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, and I consider mindfulness (in its broadest meaning) to be extremely important for mental wellbeing and therefore in writing for wellbeing. I am looking forward to reading Ruby’s take on mindfulness and mental health.

Apologies btw for the gap between my last post and this and for the brevity of this post. My ‘spare’ time is very much taken up at the moment with writing a chapter for an exciting new book and hospital visits because of illness in my family.


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Interested in therapeutic writing.
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One Response to Sane New World

  1. Miranda B says:

    It’s an amazing book – you will love it! Ruby is a phenomenon xxx

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