Mindful writing

As you know I am a great believer in mindfulness as a way to help you get well and stay well. A few minutes or even seconds of really being present in the moment, grounding yourself in the real world in the here-and-now, can help wellbeing and stress coping if practised regularly. Mindfulness can take many forms. You can eat mindfully, which can help with stomach problems and weight control, you can even wash dishes mindfully. Just try being in the moment, being fully aware, and really noticing. And, if you feel like it, try writing about the present moment – free of all judgement, and avoiding writing about associations, memories or dreams.

I arrived home earlier than I expected last Monday and had no hospital visit planned (we have illness in the family just now) so I spent a mindful hour or so in the conservatory – just sitting and sensing the world around me.

I wrote this:

Here in the light bright conservatory,
Fresh with a flowing breeze from open windows,
A patchwork of sounds envelops me.
Loud pop from a neighbour’s house has just stopped,
So I can better hear now
The sparrows’ gentle midday chirps,
Quiet chat between my son and husband deep within the house,
Distant murmuring of traffic,
And the breeze shushing in the trees.



About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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