My 200th post – a celebration of Words for Wellbeing

Carol Ross

This is my 200th post on this blog so I thought I’d make it a celebration of the Words for Wellbeing book. Just to remind you … Words for Wellbeing is a not-for-profit book, published in July 2012, that aims to encourage people to write – and read – to help their health and wellbeing, and to act a resource for practitioners.

I’ve heard that for a self-published book to sell over 100 copies is pretty good. Words for Wellbeing has sold over 300 so far, including 70+ on Amazon, and sales continue to trickle in. As agreed in the original funding application, the book was also distributed free to Cumbrian libraries (NHS, academic, secondary school and County Council) and to clinical teams within the Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (the publisher of Words for Wellbeing).

We were exceedingly fortunate to have the acclaimed author Jim Eldridge write the Foreword for Words for Wellbeing – which I feel sure has helped the success of the book. Extract from his Foreword: “The healing process should be holistic, and where complications – often emotional – prevent that healing, then writing is a hugely powerful medical tool.”

Nursing Standard Review

The book has attracted some glowing reviews – some of which I may not even have seen yet given that I only recently stumbled upon a review of Words for Wellbeing in a Nursing Standard from last July! Here are some extracts from Words for Wellbeing reviews:

Nursing Standard 28(48), July 2014: “There are many inspiring examples from seasoned authors and those new to writing, and good guidelines for group work” written by retired community mental health nurse Peter Barraclough who gave the book 4 stars (out of 5).

British Journal of Occupational Therapy 76(5), May 2013: “as a consultative tool, on hand to inspire and provide reality checks for anyone else working in the field, Words for Wellbeing blends wisdom with a warm pragmatism; it achieves the impressive feat of combining authority with a genuine sense that the editor, Carol Ross, is in the room, using her personable prose style to address herself directly to the concerns of the individual reader ” written by Jane Nixon (psychotherapist and trainer working in private practice) and Neil Nixon (lecturer in professional writing, author and journalist).

Mental Health Practice 16(8), May 2013: “This book would be beneficial for those interested in helping people use words creatively as a tool towards recovery and growth, and in aiding personally reflective practice” written by Charley Baker, a lecturer in mental health at the University of Nottingham.

Extracts from the Macmillan website reviews, which were written by people affected by cancer: “This is an excellent book that would be useful for anyone suffering from depression or recuperating from any major operation”; “As someone who has already discovered how words and writing can change my life, I found it such a joy to read this book and share other people’s experiences. It will be particularly useful for dealing with the emotional effects of cancer.”

ShamanismBooks blog: “as well as benefiting health professionals who want to set up writing groups and individuals who have experienced health problems, this book would be very suitable for anyone who is interested in writing for pleasure” written by June Kent, Editor of Indie Shaman Magazine.

Thank you everyone Jim Eldridge and everyone else who contributed to the book or otherwise helped with it, including: Victoria Janet Field, Marilyn Messenger, Katie Metcalfe, Suzanne Kelsey, Lisa Rossetti, Geraldine Green, Gillie Bolton, Dave Miller, Jessica Lucas, Vee Howard-Jones, Elizabeth Gates, Eileen O’Reilly, Sylvia Stevens, John Berry, and many others (click here to view the contents pages).

Click here to go to a page where you can download some sample chapters.

Words for Wellbeing has been in print for three years this summer. Over 300 have sold and I have around 300 left. Here’s hoping that for my 300th blog post I will be reporting that it is out of print – sold out!


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