Expressive Writing: Counseling and Healthcare [book]

The latest in a series of books on expressive writing has recently been published and I’m delighted to say that it contains a chapter from me. The publisher is R&L Education, and the book editors are Kathleen Adams (who is also the series editor) and Kate Thompson. The chapters cover a range of topics by a wonderful selection of people with experience of using expressive writing in different settings. My chapter is about the therapeutic writing I do in mental health units in Cumbria.

It’s a great book for anyone working  in therapeutic writing. If you are interested, here’s a link to more information on the book on the publisher’s website:

At the moment the UK Amazon site only has the hardback (£48.65) and Kindle (£22.75) editions. However, the paperback edition is available on the Book Depository (£23.95) – click here, and on ($29.46) – click here.

Best wishes, Carol.


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Interested in therapeutic writing.
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One Response to Expressive Writing: Counseling and Healthcare [book]

  1. Thank you Carol. I was googling Words for Wellbeing having followed a short course as a service user in Cheshire last year. I wish to take up creative writing again as I found the process very therapeautic and I love the resources you have made here available. Do you do any group shared online courses or anything to access further south than Cumbria.
    Many thanks, Alex.

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