Words for Wellbeing has been created by Carol Ross to encourage people to use the power of words, and particularly creative writing, to help promote wellbeing. Carol leads regular therapeutic writing groups in mental health wards in Cumbria (United Kingdom).

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My writing email address is writing.year@cumbria.nhs.uk


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  1. Thank you for following my blog, Carol. Following back. πŸ™‚

  2. lauriesnotes says:

    Thanks for the book! I look forward to putting it to good use β™‘
    Love –

    • Carol Ross says:

      You’re welcome. I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire you in there. There’s so much variety from so many people πŸ™‚

      • lauriesnotes says:

        Thanks. I am working on making some meditation cards tight now – with some of my posts. You encouraged me to go with the form that came naturally. It’s been a good place to start. Thanks again.

      • Carol Ross says:

        That’s lovely .. I’m so glad πŸ™‚
        Best wishes, Carol.

  3. lauriesnotes says:

    Hi. I was wanting to thank you for your advice a while back. I wasn’t sure what form of writing I was using- but I took your advice and went with the kind of mindful writing I had started. I found I was connecting with my heart- and in turn others- some who were suffering like I was.
    Not everyone get it, but I am able to connect deeply with those who do.(including myself)
    Thank you-

  4. lauriesnotes says:

    Hi. I stumbled across your blog a bit ago and was honored with your visit. I found your blog as I was searching about mindful writing. I am pretty new to blogging and writing. I’m not sure that it matters so much right now, but I’m not sure what kind of style I am going for. I had thought mindful writing, but I don’t like to describe scenes. What I like to do is notice the feel of something…like what a moment feels like in the outer world and describe the feeling or what it reflects back inside of me. Just wondering if that sounds like anything you have done. Thanks again for the visit. I look forward to exploring more here.
    Much love-

  5. I love your blog. There are lots of ideas here! I love the cubes.

  6. Thank you for the follow! I look forward to reading more on your blog!

  7. Jasper Is Not A Girl's Name says:

    This blog looks so helpful and inspiring! It’s amazing how you reach out to others using creative writing, I aspire to have such passion in my future. Cheers!

    • Carol Ross says:

      Thanks!! If what I put on my blog encourages and helps a few people I’m happy because that’s why I write it πŸ™‚ thanks for leavingsuch a positive and encouraging comment!

  8. Stef says:

    Hi Carol, thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs (http://threedailydelights.wordpress.com/) – I really appreciate it! I, too, believe in the positive power of words. I loved reading that you are using the power of creative writing to help others; so wonderful!

    • Carol Ross says:

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Steph. I think I’ve followed two of your blogs I like the idea behind 3 daily delights and am very much in favour of writing about the positives n life. Writing is very powerful and endlessly adaptable too. Regards, Carol.

  9. ravenlady68 says:

    Thank you for the follow πŸ™‚ I might not write regularly, but it’s fun when I do, at least most of the time. Good way of getting some frustration and irritation out of the system too πŸ˜€

    • Carol Ross says:

      It is! I so agree that writing can be fun and can help work irritation out of your system. I look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  10. deborahj says:

    Dear Carol, Thanks so much for following my blog: deborahj.wordpress.com. I’m about to embark on a Teaching Practicum for my MFA. The students will be mostly adults who are learning English at the same time they tackle creative writing – so my work is cut out for me. I’m so happy to have discovered your blog! Your words will be very helpful on my journey. Cheers, dj

    • Carol Ross says:

      Hi Deborah, I think you certainly will have your work cut out but I bet it will be interesting too. I’m glad you like my blog! Thanks! Carol.

  11. Hi Carol,
    Thank you for deciding to follow my blog. I hope you will have as much fun as I’m having with it. You see, I don’t read ahead, so I’m learning things when you do. I love that.

    • Carol Ross says:

      Hi Judith, I love that too. Writing and just seeing what arrives on the page (or the screen). Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Regards, Carol.

  12. Forgot to add: I am also interested in identifying guest posts for my blog and I am taking the chance of asking you if you do this.

    Thanks again

    • Carol Ross says:

      Hi Kathy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for putting a link to my blog on yours! Your blog looks great and I would be happy to do a guest post for you. I’ve never done a guest post so let me know what I need to do and what kind of topic you’d like me to write about. I could write about what I do here in the UK as a writing practititioner, e.g., writing groups in wards; or I could write about how and why I believe writing is good for you and suggest some writing ideas. Regards, Carol.

      • Hello Carol

        Many thanks for granting both requests.
        It would be interesting to read about some of the highlights of your work as a writing practitioner on wards. That sounds quite challenging. Many are still skeptical about the writing and wellness connection.
        How do you measure success in these situations? What are some set-backs you’ve experienced. What do patients actually write/say?
        Lots of questions, but any of those angles or combinations would be fine. I have taught writing but not from this perspective. Any photo/s would be appreciated.


      • Carol Ross says:

        Sounds great. How many words? Regards Carol.

      • Hello Carol
        Haven’t heard from you. Is my blog guest post still on your list?
        I know this is a busy season which is why I asked early on.
        Please let me know which-ever way.
        Still following inspiring posts on your blog.


    • Carol Ross says:

      Are you on Twitter too? My Twitter ID is Trio33.

      • Hello Carol

        I’m just sending this short note to get an update on the blog guest request/post/
        Sincerely hope I’m still on your list, even though this a busy time for all.
        Let me know what’s happening.

        Take care now.


      • Carol Ross says:

        hi Kathy. I have tried twice to send you something and got my emails bounced back.

  13. Hello Carol

    I am a former teacher educator and journal keeper. I created my own blog (about 4 mths. ago) after an accident from which I am still recovering. Writing came to the rescue!
    Your first sentence at the top is exactly what I believe! I have taught Language, Literature and communication for many years and I am now truly discovering the joy and other benefits of reflective writing!
    I have already subscribed, but I believe readers at my blog will also benefit from your insights. I am requesting permission to post you on my Blog List and possibly as a Wellness Connection.

    I live in the Caribbean, but I believe that inspiring words have no borders. This is ‘work’ that I enjoy tremendously. Pay my blog a visit anytime and maybe even let me know what you think.

  14. Sharon Bray says:

    thanks for your site, your inspiration. I’ve been leading therapeutic writing groups for cancer patients/survivors for many years and appreciate new ideas and insights into writing and wellness. Sharon Bray, http://www.writingthroughcancer.com

  15. Thank you for following my blog, Carol. I am actually very interesting in reading your posts, because the mental health organization that I volunteer with is becoming more recovery-based. A creative art, like writing, can really assist someone who is working towards wellness. Before I was in therapy writing was my way of coping with my symptoms, and the events going on around me to process them in a way that made sense. I’m going to take a look a closer look at your site as I am very intrigued by this.

    • Carol Ross says:

      For me therapeutic creative writing has gone from something I found for myself to something I started to read about out of interest to my passion – my vocation you might say. It can be emotionally demanding to spend time with people who are in crisis – hence the need to recharge my batteries. But it is also very rewarding to feel that I am helping people. And I enjoy writing with people and hearing their writing read out so it is often enjoyable for me in that sense too.

  16. Good morning, Yes writing is very therapeutic but it can also be frustrating if you try to push too hard. Thanks for following my blog. God bless.

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