Writing projects update

At last I can tell you a bit more about one of my writing projects. The chapter I was commissioned to write last year was for an American book on expressive writing in counseling and healthcare edited by Kathleen Adams and Kate Thompson. The book, which is one in a series, is due to be published in September and I’ve just pre-ordered a copy on Amazon. Here’s a link to the book on the publisher’s website: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9781475807721

And last week, after several years of trying to get around to it, I submitted an article on therapeutic writing in acute psychiatry to the British journal Mental Health Practice. Wish me luck on getting it accepted please!

Meanwhile, the HTA monograph I contributed to on therapeutic writing in long term conditions is due out this Autumn I hope.

It’s all very exciting!

Best wishes, Carol.


About Carol Ross

Interested in therapeutic writing.
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2 Responses to Writing projects update

  1. Kate Thompson says:

    Hi Carol
    I want to let you know the even more exciting news about the book – because everyone worked so well and in such timely fashion we have already corrected the page proofs and are now looking at possibly an August publication!! Isn’t that great?
    Fingers crossed for your other paper….so good to see the body of published research growing in our field.

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